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The Abolition of all Racial Preference Programs is the First Real Step towards Fighting Racism

The Abolition of all racial preference programs is the first real step towards fighting political racism & racial prejudice in this country. In fact, it might be the biggest step since the Martin Luther King led Southern Civil Rights Movement. Anyone black spokesperson who opposes this is not serious about racial progress in this country, but instead wishes to keep their cheap political payola, in exchange for party & doctrinal loyalty to the white liberal agenda.

The Political Model of Affirmative Action is Anti-Racism Racism: An Eye for an Eye

Anti-racism racism. That’s what Affirmative Action represents as a political strategy, and that’s the phrase that Stokely Carmichael uses to describe his new approach to black politics, in his infamous Black Power speech, given at UC Berkeley in 1966. This was presented as a stark alternative to MLK’s black Christian love. No more of this ‘turn the other cheek’ business. It’s Malcolm X time.

While this speech does not define ‘institutional racism’, the background of this new concept of racism, which represents a new approach to black politics, is more or less laid out, including the notion of ‘anti-racism racism’, which is to say, fight racism with racism. An eye for an eye. A tooth for a tooth. Carmichael had first articulated this alternative model of black politics, Black Power, after being arrested in Greenwood, Mississippi, while co-leading the ‘March Against Fear’ with MLK, among others. This was an effort to continue the work of James Meredith, who had been wounded by a sniper’s bullet in his own efforts to lead this particular political protest. It was in this cauldron of racial violence, ‘burning Mississippi’, that Black Power was born. It arises out of deep disillusionment with the methods and philosophy of MLK, and even deeper alienation from the white liberal establishment, especially the political alliance formed between blacks & white liberals during the Civil Rights Movement, which Carmichael increasingly viewed as a betrayal of black freedom.

Unlike MLK, Carmichael hates white liberals. He wants to sever this black-white liberal political alliance, in order to redirect black politics in a more radical and even revolutionary direction, akin to the revolutions occurring in Africa. He wants to link the Civil Rights Movement to the Communist Revolutions in Cuba, China, Russia, and Vietnam. By establishing his concept of ‘institutional racism’ via the seemingly innocuous program of Affirmative Action as its beachhead, he permanently made Karl Marx and Vladimir Lenin part of the backbone of black American political science, because one cannot understand his concept of ‘institutional racism’ without understanding the work of Marx and Lenin. Do not underestimate the cleverness or the racially partisan rancor & vindictiveness of this guy towards white Americans, nor the ultraviolence underlying his political rhetoric.

J. Edgar Hoover was right about Carmichael, because he really was a potential ‘black Hitler’ type. He had the right character and personality type to fill this role, and with a little training in guerrilla warfare, a concept that introduces his Black Power book, and that he took from Mao Zedong & Che Guevara, he had the right skill set. There is something unhinged about Carmichael, if you listen to or watch his speeches. The term, black Hitler, has been thrown around too loosely, especially with respect to leaders of the Nation of Islam. Men like Elijah Muhammad & Louis Farrakhan preach racism, but not political racism. They are teaching a racist religion, but never had designs of usurping the black political leadership, like Carmichael did. They are deliberately & consciously apolitical, unlike Carmichael.

People give Carmichael’s political racism a pass because of his courageous efforts during the Civil Rights Movement and the violent trauma that he suffered. But Adolph Hitler also fought courageously in the German infantry during World War I. He had commendations of valor, as did many members and leaders of the early German Nazi Movement. Nobody questions the courage or commitment of these guys. Nobody questions their desire to ‘uplift the race’, so to speak. That’s not the issue. The problem is the model of politics that they are promoting and the way they are doing it. And let me tell you, whatever Carmichael suffered and saw as a Civil Rights Activist in places like Mississippi and Alabama, is nothing compared to the violent trauma experienced by German infantry soldiers like Hitler during World War I, in the trenches of the Western Front. Those guys were completely shell shocked and disillusioned with the German liberal establishment that had negotiated the terms of peace, which they thought a betrayal, just like Carmichael with white American liberals. He is that type. Moreover, he put black politics on a racially chauvinist trajectory with his concept of ‘institutional racism’, and his effective institutionalization of Elijah Muhammad & Malcolm X’s doctrine of the ‘white Devil’ into black historical interpretation.

That is effectively what the concept of ‘institutional racism’ does. It induces the black writer of American history to construct a narrative which consists of a litany of white abuses and violence towards blacks, akin to certain aspects of Nazi propaganda’s account of Jewish history in Christian Europe. It is a highly edited narrative that is intended to create the effect in the mind of the black reader or listener of viewing white Americans as Devils, just as Joseph Goebbels’ propaganda sought to depict European Jewry with sinister contempt. This is black history as racist political propaganda, and it underlies even mainstream black historical works today, like the 1619 Project, distributed by the New York Times, and this is part of the problem. These powerful media outlets have too uncritically accepted these histories as the black point-of-view, while they in fact represent a black point-of-view, a racist one. This has given this method of writing American history not only credibility, but stature as a means of reducing political racism and racial prejudice in this country, when it in fact does the opposite. This is corrosive of the American social fabric.

The Perverse and Insidious Racial Politics of Affirmative Action

The perverse & insidious racial politics of Affirmative Action & its underlying ideology, ‘institutional racism’, have shaped the course of black politics, leadership, & intellectual life since the assassination of MLK. First, it is based on a racist doctrine: ‘white racism is black destiny’, which is akin to the doctrines of Hitlerism & white Southern nationalism, ‘race is destiny’, a political movement which deeply inspired Carmichael’s own Black Power movement. Second, this racist program must be defended by the black establishment as being part of the historic ‘black freedom struggle’ and ‘fight against racism’. Thus the ideology and agenda of black politics becomes perverted in order to justify this cheap political payola, which black elites have been granted, in exchange for party and doctrinal loyalty to the white liberal political agenda. This is true.

When I was at Harvard, the families of the blacks were as wealthy as the whites. These people were not oppressed, and they were the last black people who needed the advantages of racial preferences. But this doctrine of ‘institutional racism’ justifies continuous black agitation, racial chauvinism, and race-baiting, allegedly in the service of the black freedom struggle. The pursuit of an exploitative agenda of racial division is sold as the ‘fight against racism’. This poisons race relations in this country, and that is exactly what Carmichael intended it to do. This is a sick and twisted individual, but he is also very brilliant. Moreover, it filters for a certain black leadership approach and style, more akin to Stokely Carmichael than MLK or the late US Congressman, John Lewis, the former SNCC chairman that Carmichael replaced in 1966. And if you look at the kinds of black spokespeople promoted by the white liberal establishment these days, it has succeeded beautifully.

A black political approach that was originally designed to alienate and race-bait white liberals, has been fully embraced fifty years later by today’s white liberal establishment. So much so, that they hardly promote any other black voices, and that is because these type of black leaders have bullied white liberals & blacks into accepting their racial doctrines, through accusations of racism & race-treachery. They literally gang-up on people online and try to ‘cancel them’ if they ‘get out of line’. These phony accusations and this race hustle is today fully supported by the white liberal establishment and its media organs, and without their help, none of this nefarious politics would be possible. They make these people credible with their support and promotion, and not the actual arguments that these black spokespeople make, which are shoddy, to say the least.


The danger and rise of white political racism in the USA is real, and a far more harrowing specter than black political racism. The problem is that overt black political racism has come to dominate the black political model affiliated with the Democratic Left today, and this is spun as ‘fighting racism’ by the white liberal media. This makes racial progress literally impossible. The coordinated political attacks on anyone questioning this type of duplicitous & hypocritical politics, smeared as ‘racists’ or ‘race-traitors’, has left many Americans deeply alienated, white and black. They blame it all on President Trump, but they don’t realize that they helped to create the conditions of the rise of President Trump.

These people planted the seeds of Trump’s movement, through their interminable and stubborn racial and political bigotry, backed up by corporate media outlets. Today, there is in fact no one filling the traditional black leadership role of reducing racial prejudice in this country. Still, they blame all the racial problems on President Trump. That’s the narrative they are trying to sell, and it has perverted their choice of black spokespeople.

This is why I say that any real racial progress in this country starts with a wholesale dismantling of Affirmative Action and Racial Preference programs. The recent move of the Motion Picture Industry to adopt the model of ‘institutional racism’ is deeply misguided. We must remove Stokely Carmichael and his type of black politics permanently from the mainstream Academic, Corporate, Political, & Media landscape. The damage is clear, but not unrepairable. But we should act now, because this at least demonstrates good faith in an attempt at racial reconciliation, and may calm the flames of mutual racial resentment. It may change the dangerous racial trajectory that these failed leaders have put this country on.

The actions of Betsy Devos to investigate Princeton University is a good start, because we need to think about political racism differently, and how to manage it. Traditionally, we have viewed black national leaders & spokespeople who are politically affiliated with white liberals to be the authorities on fighting racism, but today these same people are an important source of political racism themselves. The white liberal establishment has let themselves be conned & bullied into this race hustle, so their leadership, judgement, and backbone must also be called into question. This is why we must think about investigating Universities and Corporations that promote racial preference programs as promoting ‘institutional racism’ themselves. This is the hidden double-meaning of Carmichael’s concept: it serves as a tool to in fact promote political racism and institutionalize it, both in black politics and in mainstream American institutions. Affirmative Action has served as a main vehicle for this pernicious agenda beautifully and effectively. It represents the ‘storming of the beach at Normandy’ for this insidious racial ideology, intended to replace MLK’s understanding of the origin of racial prejudice & how to fight it. We must get rid of it and abolish all racial preference programs in this country. We must abolish Stokely Carmichael from our cherished & seminal institutions, because as long as Affirmative Action exists in this country, our institutions will have his political and ideological stamp.

The concept of ‘institutional racism’, together with its greatest propagators, Racial Preferences & Affirmative Action, represents a Gremlin in American race relations. It should be excised immediately.

Il Trovatore (Aristarchus Patrinos); September 20, 2020 ; <2000 word

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