• Ari Patrinos

The Age of Afro-American National Socialism

I have a hunch that there is an Afro-American National Socialist movement inside the black Democratic Party. That's right, 'black Nazism'. All this Hitler stuff we are hearing from black celebrities is not an accident. It is not an accident that Louis Farrakhan, a very popular figure still in black America, called Hitler a 'great man'. Or that Hitler is on the minds of people lik Desean Jackson and Jemele Hill.

Afro-American Nazism should not be confused with the German variety, rather what we are seeing represents the coming together of elements whose structure parallels the German National Socialist movement before it came to power. Of course, the conditions & character of this black Nazism is very different from the German. It's policy aims are very different. But the basic structure is the same:

Black Nationalism + Socialism + 'Gobineau's racial philosophy' = Black Nazism.

Recently, I identified the existence of Arthur Gobineau's racial philosophy in the black Democratic ideology. Gobineau broke from the traditional view of Aristotle, the Bible, & Niccolo Machiavelli that moral character or virtue largely determines a person's and a nation's destiny in the long run. Instead, Gobineau insisted that race determines the destiny of a nation, & consequently the key to maintaining a healthy nation was racial purity. Gobineau's racial philosophy forms the basis of Hitlerism, & it is a 'post-Christian' belief system.

What I noticed is that, over time, the black Democratic establishment had replaced the traditional black philosophy of leaders like Frederick Douglass, Booker T. Washington, and Martin Luther King that black character is black destiny, with a post-Christian belief that race is destiny. More precisely, racism is destiny. Consequently, the key to uplifting the so-called 'black race in America' is 'fighting racism', instead of Booker T.'s and MLK's emphasis on character building. As I said, this is not Hitlerism. Really, the black false-prophet of Gobineau's racial philosophy in black America is 'Elijah Muhammed', founder of the Nation of Islam, who himself lifted it from the white Southern nationalist, who employed Gobineau in his own racist ideology at that time.

But the figure who probably did more individually to promote the racial philosophy of Gobineau in black America was Elijah Muhammed's trusty 'Minister of Propaganda', the black Goebbels himself, Malcolm X. While MLK was speaking to white America using a model of 'black Christian love', Malcolm X was spreading the seeds of black Nazism in the Northern cities of black America, using Muhammed's peculiar black nationalist-Gobineau model. This was a form of 'black nationalism' rooted in Gobineau's racial philosophy, just like white Southern nationalism at that time. All that was missing for black Nazism was socialism. The Black Panther Party provided that.

The Black Panthers did not intend to found a black National Socialist movement, but they used the racial philosophy articulated in the Autobiography of Malcolm X, which is black Gobineau. In fact, this book has been propagating the black Gobineau ideology in black America more than any other text for many decades. Character is not destiny in the Autobiography of Malcolm X, but instead race is destiny. Everything is about race in this book. Combined with Malcolm X's model of 'black nationalism', the Panthers added a healthy dose of socialism. Consequently, black nationalism, socialism, & Gobineau formed the basis for the original Afro-American National Socialist movement, The Black Panther Party, even if that wasn't their intention. You can see the parallels in these two paramilitary political movements. The in-your-face machismo. The rage. The cult of personality. The race-baiting. The racial chauvinism. The disdain for liberal & 'bourgeois' values. Instead of 'war veterans' you have 'prison veterans' filling the Black Panther Party. This was a black Nazi Party that never came to power. Or did it?

MLK is still in some ways the 'figurehead' of the black Democratic Party, because his philosophy formed the basis of interracial consensus on civil rights. Consequently, his face is still projected, but MLK's philosophy and leadership model of 'black Christian love' & broad camaraderie with middle class white America was quickly discarded by the black Power movement as soon as he died. Malcolm X was installed in his place, and with him came the racial philosophy of Gobineau. And as the black Power movement assimilated into the black Democratic Party over the years, this Party has assimilated the racial philosophy of Gobineau. Moreover, the Black Panther movement has in some sense replaced the MLK led Civil Rights Movement as the black political activist model, as seen by the rise of Ta-Nehisi Coates, son of Black Panthers, who is the preeminent black intellectual of his generation. Consequently, we do have a kind of black National Socialist movement inside the black Democratic Party.

For many years I thought there was something pernicious about the alarming influence of figures such as Elijah Muhammed, Malcolm X, and the Black Panthers in contemporary black America. Now I know what the problem is: this is spreading a deeply racist ideology & belief system based on Elijah Muhammed's interpretation of Arthur Gobineau's philosophy of race. There is 'scientific racism' in today's black Democratic Party, and what is more disturbing in a way is that the black Democratic leaders and spokespeople seem to be completely oblivious. This 'crusade against racism' is underneath a propaganda campaign to advance a deeply racist ideology, and the political activists are probably not even aware of it.

This is the negligence of the black Democratic leadership today. They have been sloppy. They should have purged all this pernicious 'ideological black racism' years ago, because it effectively undermines the credibility of the Civil Rights Movement. It makes it look like MLK was just a fake-out to advance the agenda of black Hitler and black Goebbels. That it was all done in bad faith. Moreover, it undermines Afro-American character development, by focusing young people's attention on 'fighting racism' instead of 'building moral character'. My recommendation is:

We need to purge with prejudice all this racist ideology from black America, as well as these faulty and corrupt leadership models based on people like: Elijah Muhammed, Malcolm X, and the Black Panthers, which tend to propagate racist ideologies in black America. In my opinion, this needs to be done 1940s & 50s HUAC Committee style, in the manner of the late Senators Joseph McCarthy & Richard Nixon, because Lord knows it's a good cause. That's why it's important to see this stuff for what it is: Afro-American National Socialism or black Nazism.

Il Trovatore (Aristarchus Patrinos) ; August 25, 2020

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