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The Race Card is Dead: Long Live the USA

Updated: Dec 2, 2021


Most Americans do not realize how deeply followers of 'spokesperson(s) of the Nation of Islam' (Elijah Muhammad/Malcolm X/Louis Farrakhan) have infiltrated black American institutions today, from the NAACP to Harvard University black student/alumni organizations. This continues a thesis in a previous essay, that argued that Malcolm X is the primary 'prophet' of the black establishment/activist class of Generation X/Y today. MLK is dead.

I begin with my experience being expelled from my Harvard College class Facebook Group for renouncing black identity and adopting a kind of 'non-binary' POV, based on the accusation of 'hate speech'. I use this story to demonstrate the mechanics of white liberal support for a violent form of black nationalism, rooted in a white liberal need for 90%+ of the black vote to obtain a Democratic majority. Moreover, I argue that this black nationalist politics, which dominates Democratic racial politics today, has its roots in white Southern nationalism, and reflects this. This also continues the thesis I previously advanced.

I then focus on the examples of Kristen Clarke (DOJ Civil Rights), Spike Lee, Ta-Nehisi Coates, & Ibram Kendi. This leads to the disturbing conclusion that the current black establishment/activist class, including so-called Civil Rights Leaders, like Clarke, do not believe in racial integration in the MLK sense of the term, but instead are primarily followers of Malcolm X, who I argue is effectively a black George Wallce (AL governor). This is reflected in the anti-racism promotion of racially segregated education, even at Harvard.


We call for the complete separation of the races.

Malcolm X Meets with the Ku Klux Klan (1961)

Segregation now. Segregation tomorrow. Segregation forever.

George Wallace, Alabama Governor Inaugural Address (1963)

The most important book I’ll ever read.

Spike Lee, Cover of ‘The Autobiography of Malcolm X’ (1992)

Malcolm X paved the way for anti-racist ideas.

Ibram Kendi, ‘The Anti-Racist Philosophy of Malcolm X’ (2017)

In our household, Malcolm X was like Jesus Christ to a Christian home.

Ta-Nehisi Coates (with Nikole Hannah-Jones), Ezra Klein Show (2021)

Introduction: ‘I Renounce my Racial Identity, I am no Longer Black’

Less than a year ago, I posted on my Harvard College class Facebook alumni page that I had renounced my racial identity: ‘I am no longer black.’ Within a week, I was expelled from the Facebook group on the grounds that I was spreading ‘hate speech’.

Before I matriculated to college, I had never fully identified as black. I’m a product of what is sometimes called a ‘mixed race’ household. My mother identifies as black, while my father had identified as Jewish and Greek. Not identifying as black at that time was not a political statement or even a conscious choice. I was not raised to view skin color as central to who I was as a person. Simply put, I never ‘felt black’. Whatever that means.

In fact, throughout my life, I had frequently angered people who identified as black, because I had the unconscious habit of talking about ‘black people’ in the third person. This changed in college, when I became a board member of the Harvard College Black Students Association.

Then one day in late 2020, while trying to comprehend the concept of ‘non-binary’ gender identity, a lightning flash went off in my mind: This is exactly how I feel. Not about gender, but about racial identity.

Many of my white Harvard classmates sincerely thanked me for my post. There were many ‘likes’. They informed me that it had helped them to understand the ‘American race problem’ better. But the black class influencers were livid. Determined to discredit any statement I made about race, they chose to smear me as a ‘hate monger’, simply for doing something that a LGBTQ person would have been congratulated for by these same so-called progressives. I emphasize this because the class Facebook administrators who expelled me were not black, but instead white people, several of whom identified as LGBTQ.

Now I was livid. Not only with the bigoted & chauvinistic black influencers, but also with the cynical hypocrisy of the white progressive Facebook page administrators. The LGBTQ movement was cancelling people left and right, for simply questioning the concept ‘non-binary’ gender. Yet, when I adopted this concept of ‘non-binary’ for my racial identity, these same LGBTQ activists caved to the pressure of the class’ racially chauvinistic black influencers, and accused me of hate speech. I complained to the Harvard Alumni Association, but they have not returned my emails or phone calls to this day. Under assault and persecuted by an alliance of Harvard’s black establishment & cultural left, that day marked the end of my lifelong affiliation with the Democratic Party.

It should be noted that at least two of the four Black Student Association Presidents during my time at Harvard College promoted the work of Louis Farrakan. Moreover, they brought black speakers to campus, who promoted anti-Jewish race replacement conspiracy propaganda, published by the so-called Nation of Islam. This includes the BSA President from my class, the current head of the Civil Rights Division of the Department of Justice, and the preeminent so-called ‘civil rights leader’ of my generation.

Malcolm X as Black George Wallace: On Ibram Kendi, Ta-Nehisi Coates, & Spike Lee

‘The Theology of the White Devil’ or ‘The White Devil Theory of History’

Today, Malcolm X is frequently called a ‘civil rights leader’, but this is wholly misleading. From the time Malcolm X converted to the Elijah Muhammad led ‘Nation of Islam’, most of his work was dedicated to proselytizing the racist & deeply anti-semitic theology of Elijah Muhammad, and organizing for Muhammad’s black secessionist movement. Malcolm X not only preached the complete separation of the races, but also met surreptitiously with the Ku Klux Klan, towards the creation of a separate black nation-state in North America, within the boundaries of the continental USA.

If this sounds like the agenda of the white Southern confederate leaders during the Civil War, it is no accident. While Elijah Muhammad claimed that his theological-political doctrines were the product of ‘divine revelation’, Muhammad, born and raised a ‘Southern Negro’, clearly was influenced & inspired by white Southern nationalism. This becomes more obvious when one looks closely at his theology, which is the mirror-image of the belief-system of not only the white Southern ante-bellum Planter class, but also the Reconstruction era KKK.

According to Elijah Muhammad, what he calls ‘the Original Blackman’ (Blackman is one-word in Muhammad’s doctrine) has a ‘divine right’ to rule the earth, and to possess everything that is in it and on it. Sounds like a black version of ‘Manifest Destiny’, does it not? The reality that the so-called Original Blackman does not in fact rule over and possess the earth at this time was a consequence of the so-called ‘white devil’ usurping the Original Blackman’s alleged divine right. ‘White devil’ was Elijajh Muhammad’s technical term for white folks. He taught that white people were the devil incarnate.

Moreover, according to Muhammad, this alleged usurpation was the product of a five-thousand year race replacement conspiracy thought up and carried out by ‘diabolical Jews’. As the conspiracy theory goes, evil Jewish scientists created the so-called white devils in a scientific laboratory, thousands of years ago, breeding them from the Original Blackman, with the goal of stealing his ‘divine right’.

From the time Malcolm X converted to the so-called ‘Nation of Islam’ in prison, he spent most of his work-life propagating Elijah Muhammad’s doctrines, and converting blacks to Elijah Muhammad’s black secessionist movement. Organizing and building up that movement. Yet, the preeminent black intellectual of my generation, Ta-Nehisi Coates, views Malcolm X as some kind of black Messiah. The belief that Malcolm X is the preeminent black prophet is shockingly common among black influencers today. Just look at Ibram Kendi or Spike Lee.

Ibram Kendi

It is well known that Ibram Kendi’s views are central to the so-called ‘anti-racist’ movement today. What people may not realize is that Malcolm X’s worldview forms the backbone of his theory of ‘anti-racism’. According to Kendi: ‘Malcolm X paved the way for antiracist ideas’. Apparently, teaching the theology of the white devil, in addition to nutty and pernicious anti-Jewish race replacement conspiracy theories, is part and parcel of ‘anti-racism’, as Kendi conceives it.

Moreover, the anti-racism movement promotes a ‘new and improved’ version of the ‘separate but equal’ philosophy that characterized the Jim Crow education system. Beginning in 2017, Harvard University conducted its first racially segregated commencement ceremony. In fact, the so-called ‘anti-racism’ movement has played a central role in making it ‘disturbingly common for American colleges, public and private, to offer [racially] segregated dorms, graduation ceremonies, and events.’ ‘Anti-racism’ is truly inspired by the teachings of Elijah Muhammad, Malcolm X, Louis Farakhan, and the Nation of Islam, more generally.

Underlying ‘anti-racism’ is Malcolm X’s ‘theology of the white devil’ or what I like to call the ‘the white devil theory of history’. This year my Harvard Alumni class held an anti-racism Zoom session, based on the theme: ‘why are the black kids sitting together in the cafeteria’, a popular text during our time in college. I pointed out the relationship between Malcolm X’s race philosophy and ‘anti-racism’. I suggested that if you really want to know the truth about ‘anti-racism’, think ‘white devil’. A week later, I received a warning email from Harvard’s Alumni Association, threatening to suspend my Alumni privileges. Apparently, some of the ‘followers of Farrakhan’ in my class were offended.

Don’t tell me that you understand, until you hear the man...

What in the world has happened to my alma mater, Harvard University? The worst part is that while the vast majority of alumni disagree with the pernicious racial philosophy and policies that have recently captured this great institution, no one does anything about it. They are either too afraid or just don’t give a damn.

It’s really depressing.

Ta-Nehisi Coates

If you’ve ever read Coates’ bestseller, We Were Eight Years in Power, Malcolm X’s name is mentioned on almost every page, frequently multiple times. When writing about his second interview with President Barack Obama, Coates describes listening to audio recordings of Malcolm X’s speeches on the way to the White House, in order to psych himself up. To cultivate the right state of mind. Moreover, Coates describes the place of Malcolm X in his household growing up as analogous to the place of Jesus Christ in a Christian household.

Spike Lee

I took a class with black filmmaker Spike Lee at Harvard on the history of 'Afro-American cinema’. Lee intentionally divided the students by race, and was so bigoted in his treatment of white students that approximately half stopped attending by mid-semester.

According to Lee, the so-called Autobiography of Malcolm X (it’s not really an autobiography) is ‘the most important book I’ll ever read’. Lee’s quotation actually appears on certain editions of the book. Moreover, his biopic of Malcolm X portrays its subject and the Nation of Islam in a romantic light, akin to the way the late white Southern filmmaker DW Griffith portrayed the Reconstruction era Ku Klux Klan romantically, in his classic film, Birth of a Nation.

Malcolm X as Black George Wallace

In 1958, George Wallace lost the Alabama Governor’s race to a known Klansman. At that time, Wallace was known as a relative racial moderate. He was known for his color-blind approach to legal justice during his tenure as Alabama state judge. But after losing this race, Wallace swore that he would never be ‘Out-Ni**ered’ again. According to Wallace’s analysis, this failure had cost him the 1958 election.

Similarly, central to Malcolm X’s success in proselytizing/organizing for the NOI was his unparalleled skill at ‘out-Honkeying’ other black influencers. This is especially true for actual Civil Rights Leaders at that time, like Martin Luther King or then NAACP leader, Roy Wilkins.

What do I mean by ‘out-Honkeying’? Honkey is a slur word for white people, sometimes used by American blacks. It is the white version of the ‘N-Word’. When I speak of ‘out-Honkeying’, the memory of famed television character, George Jefferson, of All in the Family and its spin-off, The Jeffersons, immediately comes to mind. George Jefferson frequently used this racial slur to great comic effect, analogous to the comic relief of Archie Bunker’s bigotry & chauvinism. Archie Bunker was of course the main character of All in the Family, and one of the greatest characters in television history.

When television show creator Norman Lear originally invented the character of George Jefferson for his groundbreaking television sitcom, All in the Family, the idea was to create a black version of Archie Bunker. Similarly, Malcolm X is a black version of George Wallace.

No one could depict white people with contempt like Malcolm X. One wonders if this is why black influencers like Ta-Nehisi Coates, Spike Lee, and Ibram Kendi regard him so highly. This kinship between black nationalism and white Southern nationalism should not be underestimated. Black influencers like Elijah Muhammad did not formulate black nationalism based on some long lost esoteric ‘African philosophy’, but instead learned it from white Southern nationalists, and simply inverted its color-coding. I like to joke that black nationalism is the bastard half-breed child of white Southern nationalism.

The Race Card is Dead: Long Live the USA

The race card is dead.

Leo Terrell

In any multi-ethnic society, racial nationalism is a threat to the Union. This is true whether we are talking about Spain, the former Yugoslavia, the former USSR, or the good old USA. Moreover, if black nationalism was initially inspired by white Southern nationalism, as black nationalist influencers like Kendi, Spike Lee, & Coates become more and more powerful, there is reason to believe that this pattern of cause & effect could reverse itself. Black nationalism could inspire white nationalism, and that is what is arguably happening today.

That the white progressive establishment celebrates and propagates the work of these black nationalists as ‘fighting racism’, for the purely cynical purpose of ensuring that the Democratic Party continues to garner 90%+ of the black vote, only makes matters worse. Black nationalist movements like so-called ‘anti-racism’ do not guard against white nationalism,

but instead appear to inspire it.

I argue that effectively containing white nationalism requires in part containing and discrediting black nationalism and its advocates, like Kendi, Lee, and Coates, as well as formulating an alternative ‘race narrative’ to replace theirs. The real challenge here is not creating a new race narrative, which is straight-forward, but effectively propagating that race narrative, given the current mass media environment. Today, this media environment tends to smear anyone who challenges the black nationlist narrative as either a white supremacist, or a white supremacist mouthpiece. Just watch Michael Eric Dyson’s recent 2021 post-election interview with Joy Reid on MSNBC.

This week, a black woman, Winsome Sears, was elected Lt. Governor of Virginia on the Republican ticket. In her acceptance speech, Sears spoke from the heart:

What you are looking at is the American Dream… When I joined the Marine Corps, I was still a Jamaican. But this country had done so much for me, I was willing to die for this country... There are some who want to divide us… and we must not let that happen… They would like us to believe we are back in 1963… I am black… But that’s not what this is about.

For having the temerity to speak these words, Reid and Dyson labelled Sears as a ‘white supremacist mouthpiece’. The Lt. Governor elect of Virginia was a blackface puppet, being manipulated by a white supremacist ventriloquist. This is the sick & twisted message that the allegedly progressive MSNBC is distributing to millions throughout the country. They are complicit in promoting this dangerous black nationalist propaganda. This week MSNBC became the preeminent American mouthpiece for black nationalism, and consequently, for the ‘white devil theory of history’.

The reason for this is simple: the only way to ensure that 90%+ of black Americans consistently vote for the Democratic Party is to inundate them daily with black nationalist propaganda, from the cradle to the grave. This is a form of discursive violence. It was also the basic playbook for white Southern nationalists during the Jim Crow era.

In fact, MSNBC host Joy Reid and preeminent black influencer Michael Dyson present an analysis of black Republicans today that is eerily reminiscent of the old-fashioned white Southern influencer’s account of the so-called Scalawag. Scalawag was the contemptuous name white Southern nationalists gave to white Southerners who supported the Republican Party during Reconstruction. ‘Uncle Tom’ and ‘white supremacist mouthpiece’ are black nationalist variations of this old white Southern nationalist canard.

After losing the support of the white South during the 1960s, it appears that the Democratic Party simply substituted one set of racial nationalists for another. From the Solid South, to the solid black electorate. While the GOP is often portrayed in the media as the ‘racist party’, it is in fact the Democratic Party that has long depended on violent racial nationalism to build a winning coalition, for nearly two centuries.

Black. White. It doesn’t seem to matter.

Conclusion: Challenging the Black Democratic Establishment

Twenty is the Magic Number

Given the dominance of today’s black Democratic establishment over the corporate media race narrative, and the near wholesale support of predominantly white progressive media organs in propagating this pernicious and dangerously divisive narrative, the GOP is the only hope for replacing it. This will not require that the GOP win a majority of the black vote, which is unrealistic, but simply bumping their national totals to 20%+.

Given today’s politics, media environment, and the zealously effective manner in which today’s Democratic establishment defends their ‘racial turf’, this is not an easy task. If the GOP could somehow consistently acquire just 20% of the black vote, that might be sufficient to blow up the current alignment of the Democratic coalition, and this is something that Democratic influencers will fight tooth and nail to prevent. Whatever the color of their skin. Whatever the consequences for the racial future of the USA.

One party consistently garnering 90%+ of the black vote is ‘unnatural’. Black Americans have always been a diverse group, and are today increasingly so. They hold an increasingly diverse set of worldviews. Toni Morrison's so-called ‘black gaze’ is nonsense. Only advanced technologies of opinion-making have been able to disguise this fact.

In the Presidential election of 1956, for example, the Democratic candidate, Adlai Stevenson, won the majority of the black vote. But the eventual winner, Republican candidate President Dwight Eisenhower, garnered a very respectable 40%+ of black voter support. Before aligning himself with President LBJ, MLK was himself a black Republican, who likely supported Ike in 1956.

Today, 20%+ is a more practical goal. Given the diversity of black American opinion, this is wholly doable. The real challenge is to shift the race narrative in a manner that reaches a substantial portion of the black electorate. This is also wholly doable, but will require the creation of new approaches to organized public opinion-making.

This endeavor is not for wimps. It will require hard-hitting & effective messaging. It will require an unflinching and fearless challenge to the black Democratic establishment, akin to the one posed by the Black Power movement of the late 1960s. It was done before, and can be done again.

The Depressing State of the Black American Establishment

Yet, today the preeminent so-called ‘civil rights leader’ of my generation, Kristen Clarke, who currently heads the Civil Rights Division of the DOJ, doesn’t even believe in racial integration. At least not in the MLK sense. Like Spike Lee, Ta-Nehisi Coates, & Ibram Kendi, she is a follower of Malcolm X. She supports the ‘separate but equal’ racial policies that Harvard University is increasingly adopting, for the first time in its nearly four hundred year history. Shockingly, these policies of racial segregation are being almost exclusively promoted by the black alumni/student influencers, by alleged ‘civil rights leaders’. When I asked why my Harvard black class influencers were supporters of ‘separate but equal’, I was chided and lectured that I ‘misunderstood multiculturalism’.

I do my best to keep a positive attitude, but in truth, this is all very depressing. If the black Harvard establishment and the preeminent black civil rights leaders no longer believe in racial integration, and defend separate but equal on the grounds of ‘multiculturalism’, then what’s the point of even having a Civil Rights Division of the DOJ? What is it all for? Why are we even talking about voting rights? Is it all just race propaganda?


As much as anything, this is why I have chosen to renounce black identity. I don’t want to be associated with these so-called ‘black leaders’. Still, the actions of these people still affect my life and my country, and this is why I take an active interest.

Did you know that the previous leader of the Philadelphia chapter of the NAACP, Rodney Muhammad, was a card-carrying member of the Nation of Islam? A true ‘follower of Farrakhan’, in the words of Public Enemy’s Chuck D. He was forced out this year because he was posting neo-Nazi style anti-semitic memes online. The sad truth is that the Nation of Islam, the followers of Louis Farrakhan, Malcolm X, and Elijah Muhammad have deeply infiltrated mainstream black American institutions, from the NAACP to the black student and alumni organizations of Harvard University. This is certainly true in my Harvard alumni class, where the black influencers view the flag of Israel as ‘hate speech’. In some cases, these black American institutions have effectively been captured by the NOI. I first noticed this more than twenty years ago, serving on the Harvard College BSA Board.

This is why it is so important to emphasize that the black Democratic establishment does not represent black Americans, anymore than the white Washington establishment truly represents white Americans. Either way, America’s approach to the ‘race problem’ requires major reforms, and in my opinion, this starts with the deeply misguided black Democratic establishment, with the reckless black influencer class. Today, this black influencer class is a major source of the race problems in American society, just like the black student leaders were a major source of racial problems when I was a Harvard college student, even if they did not truly represent a majority of black student opinion at that time, but instead a black activist minority.

Long live the USA.


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